Tools to Help Highly Sensitive Children

Happy Sensitive Kids Downloads

Across the Happy Sensitive Kids blog there are a number of tools to help highly sensitive children. All the tools featured can be downloaded, and are designed to help you prevent a highly sensitive child’s bucket from filling. You can also access all Happy Sensitive Kids downloads from this page.


Grab your bookmark here. Download, print and laminate the bookmark to remind your highly sensitive child they can empty their bucket with a book. Read more about bucket emptying activities (such as reading) here.

Happy Sensitive Kids Bookmark

Bucket Activity for Highly Sensitive Children

Learning what fills your child’s bucket, and importantly what empties your child’s bucket, is vitally important to parent a highly sensitive child effectively. An important part of achieving that is planning and scheduling. In other words, looking at the activities your child has coming up in their day or even week.

If you know the day or week ahead is going to be busy and will have a negative impact on your highly sensitive child, then you can plan bucket emptying activities into the schedule. How? With this bucket activity download for highly sensitive children.

You can find your free printable bucket activity download here, along with an explanation of how to use it effectively to help your highly sensitive child.

Colouring Pages

If you are looking for a bucket activity for younger children, then look no further. Download these Happy Sensitive Kids Colouring Pages to calm your child.

Door Hanger

Download your free Happy Sensitive “I’m emptying my bucket” door hanger here.


Positive Affirmations

These positive affirmations are great visual tools to help highly sensitive children. Positive affirmations can change the mindset and thinking of children. And so these are incredibly simple but useful tools to help highly sensitive children think more positively and turn their day around.

Download your Positive Affirmations for children here.

The more I practice the better I get

‘My Feelings’ Thermometer

For more information about why and how to use the feelings thermometer, please read: How to Help a Child Recognise Anger. You can also download the feelings thermometer here.

Tool to Help Children Learn About Anger