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Helping a Highly Sensitive Child with Their Fear of Failure

Perfectionism and highly sensitive often goes hand in hand. And there’s a third element that wangles its way into that relationship, like it or not: a fear of failure. My post Helping a Highly Sensitive Child with Their Fear of … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Get Boys Reading

Books are great bucket emptiers for highly sensitive children. Reading is a powerful way for time in with your children. Books are also a compelling way for a child to get time alone to recharge at the end of a … Continue reading

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21 Essential Resources for Highly Sensitives

That light bulb moment when you realise you are or your child is (or both) highly sensitive is just the first step on the journey to understanding yourself or your child. Once you know that highly sensitive characteristics are at … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Animals: A Book Giveaway

Highly sensitive children (HSC) often connect deeply with animals. There are a number of reasons for this and a HSC can benefit greatly from life with a beloved pet (such as anxiety reduction to name but one important benefit). My … Continue reading

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Book Review: You’ll Always Be Enough

Does your highly sensitive child wish they weren’t highly sensitive? Then ‘You’ll Always Be Enough’ by Laura Kuehl is a book worth having on your family bookshelf. It’s a struggle many of us parents of highly sensitive children (HSCs) have … Continue reading

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How to Help a Highly Sensitive Child Sleep

A child’s bedtime is for many parents a highlight. That moment when your child falls exhausted into bed and drifts off peacefully to dream land within minutes, giving you a few hours well earned rest before you follow suit. Except … Continue reading

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Aiden Finds a Way: Book Review 

Sometimes children just need a little time to warm up to a new environment and adjust to the hustle and bustle of a place. That’s what Aiden Finds a Way is about, another beautiful My Quiet Adventures story book that … Continue reading

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