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A Message For Our Highly Sensitive Boys

Highly sensitive boys don’t match up to male stereotypes. Society’s expectations are causing our boys serious mental health problems. And it needs to stop. What if we teach our sons instead that there is no right way to be a … Continue reading

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I’m a Boy Mama – And That’s More Than Fine

If you are the parent of sons exclusively or parenting solely daughters then you have probably been asked if you will be trying again for a daughter/son. I am the mother of three sons and I have certainly been asked … Continue reading

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Is My Son Highly Sensitive?

Fifteen to twenty percent of the population is highly sensitive. It’s not an illness or disorder. As many boys as girls are highly sensitive. As many men as women are highly sensitive.

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My Boys are not Stereotypes, They Are So Much More – The Good Men Project

Society has an expectation of how boys should behave and if your sons are highly sensitive they won’t meet those expectations. And I am truly grateful for that. I don’t believe raising children should be about teaching them to conform to … Continue reading

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The Good Men Project: Raising Men Who Are Not Afraid of Their Emotions

I have three sons so The Good Men Project was bound to catch my eye sooner or later. It’s a website for men and about men. The point of the conversation over there is this, “The Good Men Project is … Continue reading

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