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7 Problems Highly Sensitive People Face

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) life probably looks a little different though your eyes than it does through the eyes of the non-highly sensitive people in your life. Up to 20% of the world population is a … Continue reading

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I’m Highly Sensitive and it Has Consequences for My Career

Understanding your highly sensitive self is the best thing that can happen to your career. When I started a career in the world of Human Resources I naively thought I’d be helping people get the best out of their people. … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Friendships

On any given day my 5-year-old runs out of school at lunchtime and bombards me with requests to go eat at a friend’s house, or have a friend round. If he had his way he’d spend his life bouncing from … Continue reading

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Knowing Me, Knowing I’m a Highly Sensitive Person

Many highly sensitive people have at some point in their lives wondered what the hell is wrong with them. Luckily, most of us come to understand that the answer to that is there is nothing wrong with us. However, understanding … Continue reading

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Being Introvert, Being Me, Being Us

Being the mother of highly sensitive children has taught me a lot about myself. One of the most important things I have learnt is to accept myself for who I am. As a child I was labelled shy. It has negative connotations. Shyness … Continue reading

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What I Realised About My Career Once I Knew I Was Highly Sensitive 

Up until 2009 I had never heard of the term highly sensitive. I had heard of the term introvert and shy though. I also knew that I hated my job even though I had headed down that career path voluntary … Continue reading

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The Quiet Ones

A little Wednesday Wisdom for you – this struck a chord recently as I was reading Friends, Lovers, Chocolate (Isabel Dalhousie Novels) by Alexander McCall. I’ve been one of the quiet ones my whole life. But I am also one of the most … Continue reading

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