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Being Highly Sensitive IS Normal

Ever told someone that your child is highly sensitive only to be met with a blank stare? Or worse still, to be given a sceptical ‘yeah right’ look? In an era of social media when strangers think it is acceptable … Continue reading

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Round Hole, Square Peg: The impact of society’s expectations on highly sensitive boys

Sensitive boys that grow into sensitive men who live their lives based on their unique strengths. Sensitive boys who become men who are proud of who they are, led by authenticity. Without masks. Without walls. Unafraid to be themselves. That’s … Continue reading

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Dear Society, Please Let Our Sensitive Boys Become Sensitive Men

I think that being a highly sensitive male is tougher than being a highly sensitive female. I may be biased as I am raising three boys but it seems to me that many traits we associate with being highly sensitive don’t go hand … Continue reading

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If Ever There Was a Time to Make a Difference, It’s Now

The blog post I had planned for last week seemed suddenly inappropriate and irrelevant, overshadowed by events. It was a week that shook many of us to the core, even those of us that do not live in or anywhere near the USA. … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday Happy Sensitive Kids!

The Happy Sensitive Kids blog is two years old today – I know because a Facebook memory popped up in my timeline. I thought maybe a celebration of two years of this blog is a good moment to reflect and … Continue reading

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How Much Should You Expect a Highly Sensitive Child to Change to Fit in a Non-Sensitive World?

Many highly sensitive children struggle with too much stimuli at once. How far should we as parents go to help them reduce the stimuli they have to process? In Elaine Aron’s words highly sensitive people are: “….more easily overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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How Far Should Parents Protect Highly Sensitive Children From World News?

Another great discussion in the HSK community: this time about news lessons in schools which have an emotional impact on (highly sensitive) children, the aftermath of which parents clear up at home. Just how far should we protect our children … Continue reading

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