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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Think Positively

Highly sensitive children (HSC) analyse situations in detail; they think deeply about things that have happened and the repercussions they can have. It’s a trait that makes HSCs cautious, that triggers ¬†a pause before acting. Sometimes though a child focuses … Continue reading

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Raising Children to See the World Beyond Our Doorstep 

It can be a challenge parenting a highly sensitive child (HSC), but many elements of raising HSCs are definitely worth celebrating. Our HSCs notice the details and see the world around them; I mean really see the world around them. They … Continue reading

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8 Things My Highly Sensitive Son Has Taught Me

More importantly I started accepting me for who I am instead of thinking I need to change to fit in with things that have never felt comfortable to me – a society geared towards extroverts. It’s an important lesson to carry with me. Here are eight more things I have learnt from my incredible little HSC. Continue reading

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The Positives of Being a Highly Sensitive Child

There comes a point when a child realises they react and behave differently in various situations than their friends do. When that happens it’s a good idea to be ready with a list of positives to counteract the list of … Continue reading

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