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Yoga is for Boys Too

Yoga is a great bucket emptier. Not just for adults, but for kids too. And that applies to boys as much as girls. Matt Haig, author of Reasons to Stay Alive (UK link here), Notes on a Nervous Planet (UK link here) … Continue reading

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My Boys are not Stereotypes, They Are So Much More – The Good Men Project

Society has an expectation of how boys should behave and if your sons are highly sensitive they won’t meet those expectations. And I am truly grateful for that. I don’t believe raising children should be about teaching them to conform to … Continue reading

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Watch Out For “All Too Much for Oliver”

This book, ‘All Too Much for Oliver’, will be available this winter, written especially for highly sensitive children, with characters thats highly sensitive children can relate to. Leila Boukarim has created something truly wonderful. It’s going to be a huge hit, the … Continue reading

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Parenting and Getting It Right The First Time

Hands up those of you who knew parenting would be so hard. Who knew parenthood meant being the expert on so many matters without actually having the experience to back up the expert status? Who the heck knew what being … Continue reading

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10 Things the Parent of a Highly Sensitive Child Doesn’t Need to Hear

Part and parcel of being a parent means hearing a lot of unsolicited advice. As the parent of a highly sensitive child you often hear things that hit the wrong nerve or make you feel like smacking your head against a brick … Continue reading

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Elaine Aron and The Highly Sensitive Books

When the words highly sensitive were first uttered to me I hit the internet. I searched and googled as if my life depended on it. The number one search result was Elaine Aron and her book The Highly Sensitive Person. … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Help Your Child Empty Their Bucket

Following my article on BonBon Break about giving my highly sensitive children a bucket to help them with their emotions I was asked about how to help them empty those buckets. Helping a child to empty their bucket involves creating … Continue reading

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