A Message For Our Highly Sensitive Boys

Highly sensitive boys don’t match up to male stereotypes. Society’s expectations are causing our boys serious mental health problems. And it needs to stop.

What if we teach our sons instead that there is no right way to be a man? Start early. Let boys be individuals that grow into unique men, loved for who they are and not what society thinks they should be.

A Message for our highly sensitive boys: There is no right way to be a man

The fact is that There is No Right Way to Be a Man. And that’s the message I am raising my sons with.

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Why Journaling is So Good for You

It’s no secret I am a journaling advocate. Search through Happy Sensitive Kids and you’ll find more articles about the power of journaling. It’s not just a good tool for adults, but a fantastic bucket emptying tool for children too.

Head on over to Why Journaling is Good for Your Mind and Body for the low down on the benefits of journaling.

“Journaling is the art of transferring words from your head onto paper. That’s what journaling is in a nutshell. The benefits of journaling need a little more explanation. Here’s why journaling is good for your mind and your body too.”

The Good Men Project

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I’m a Boy Mama – And That’s More Than Fine

If you are the parent of sons exclusively or parenting solely daughters then you have probably been asked if you will be trying again for a daughter/son. I am the mother of three sons and I have certainly been asked that question multiple times. My answer to that particular question is over on The Good Men Project: I love being a boy mama.

I'm a Boy Mama - And That's More Than Fine

Over to You: If you are in the same boat how do you feel about parenting exclusively boys or girls? Do you feel like you are missing out?

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Be the Master of Your Own Boundaries: For The Sake of Your Health

Everyone needs boundaries. We all need to protect our boundaries. When you are highly sensitive this is even more important to prevent overwhelm or much worse. As highly sensitives we are prone to looking out more for other people than for ourselves. And our boundaries are quickly violated. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

As the end of the year draws near it’s time to slow down, time to reflect on the last twelve months, and best of all to take time out with the family and recharge. I for one will be spending lots of time over the next week or so emptying my bucket! I hope you plan to do the same.

Merry Christmas

From my home to yours, I wish you all a peaceful, fun and love filled Christmas break for those of you celebrating.

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Male Depression – Why Recognising it is Not Always Easy

Depression is an invisible illness that touches the lives of so many. In some cases, it is hard to recognise.

Male Depression - Why Recognising it is Not Always Easy

Depression often manifests itself in females differently than in males. This is the reason Why Recognizing Male Depression Can Be So Difficult and thus why I have chosen it Continue reading

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Yoga is for Boys Too

Yoga is a great bucket emptier. Not just for adults, but for kids too. And that applies to boys as much as girls.

Yoga is for Boys Too: Happy Sensitive Kids

Matt Haig, author of Reasons to Stay Alive (UK link here), Notes on a Nervous Planet (UK link here) and The Truth Pixie (UK link herepractices yoga. If we want to see more males in yoga classes, and more men raving about the benefits of yoga, then perhaps we need to start with our sons.

Head on over to The Good Men Project to read 8 Reasons Your Sons Should Try Yoga Too.

Photo by Pixabay
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Presence Not Presents: Connecting as a Family in December

December is hectic. But it can also be about connecting as a family. The festive period can also be a time to create focus and plenty of bucket emptying moments!

Presence Not Presents: Connecting as a Family in DecemberHead over to The Good Men Project to read my post Connect as a Family During the Busy Festive Season.

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Is My Son Highly Sensitive?

Fifteen to twenty percent of the population is highly sensitive. It’s not an illness or disorder. As many boys as girls are highly sensitive. As many men as women are highly sensitive.

Is My Son Highly Sensitive?

Continue reading

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The 4 Difficulties of Raising Highly Gifted Children

Raising highly gifted children brings its own set of challenges. Being gifted is not just about being smart and quick to pick things up – it’s an intellectual, behavioural and emotional package.

The 4 Difficulties of Raising Highly Gifted Children

Continue reading

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