The Impact of Strong Smells on Highly Sensitive People

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) with a heightened sensitivity to smells then some scents feel like a real onslaught. One notable example of this is chemical cleaning products and synthetic air fresheners. It’s the reason why I delved into the world of essential oils and started experimented with making my own household products. I can tell you this, once you’ve gone natural, you’ll never go back!

The Impact of Strong Smells on Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People and Smell

Aron states that whilst HSP’s don’t have better developed senses, it often feels that way. Strong smells, for example, are overwhelming for a HSP, as are bright lights, and noisy environments.

Have you ever had someone walk by you with strong perfume on and actually felt nauseous because it is so overpowering? Do you recoil from the smell of cigarette smoke Continue reading

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7 Problems Highly Sensitive People Face

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) life probably looks a little different though your eyes than it does through the eyes of the non-highly sensitive people in your life.

Up to 20% of the world population is a HSP. It’s a lot, but not enough to ensure that everyone else knows what being highly sensitive is all about. If you are one of the significant minority then you can probably relate to these 7 problems that HSPs face.

7 Problems Highly Sensitive People Face1. Overwhelm Comes Easy

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7 Ways Dr Elaine Aron Helps You Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child

Elaine Aron is a groundbreaker when it comes to the topic of highly sensitive people. She’s the guru of the highly sensitive trait. Together with her husband she has pioneered research into high sensitivity. Where we are today with understanding what highly sensitive is is predominantly thanks to Elaine Aron. Here are seven ways she specifically helps parents of highly sensitive children (HSCs).

7 Ways Dr Elaine Aron Helps You Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child

1. The Highly Sensitive Child Self Test

Dr Aron has developed a self-test to help you determine whether your child is highly sensitive. For lots more information on this read: The Highly Sensitive Child Test: The Earlier the Better.

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Home, Family, Parenting and Self Care Resources to Make Your Life Easier and Less Stressful

What if I could make your family, home and personal life easier, less stressful, more organised and just plain happier? The good news is that I am not teasing.

Until the 6th May there’s a flash sale of the Ultimate Homemaking bundle. It includes so many resources I couldn’t begin to share them all with you but here’s just some of the categories and products which I think you as parents of highly sensitive children will love:

For Kids

There’s a range of products for children in the Ultimate Homemaking bundle which is fabulous for highly sensitive kids.

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What Do Mums Really Want This Mother’s Day? Bucket Time!

Highly sensitive mothers feel emotions intensely and deeply, take sleep deprivation even harder than other mothers, and really struggle with the constant noise around them. It makes parenting tough on the best of days. What do highly sensitive mothers really wants for Mother’s Day? Lots of time out to recharge. Bucket emptying time.

Time for Yourself

What Do Mums Really Want This Mother's Day? Bucket Time!As a mother, when was the last time you had time for yourself? I am not talking about the snatched few minutes whilst you dive into the nearest bathroom with little fingers desperately reaching under the door, whilst screaming “moooommmmmmmy” at you.

ACTUAL TIME ALONE FOR YOURSELF. It’s the thing I craved more than anything when I Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Clutter

Ever been tempted to ruthlessly tackle your children’s bedroom armed with nothing but bin bags and boxes? Clutter stresses and creates a sense of chaos. Highly sensitive adults are less inclined to be able to ignore items strewn around work surfaces and dumped on the hall floor. However, if my experience is typical, then their highly sensitive offspring seem to be less bothered by the mess around them. In fact, many highly sensitive children (HSC) have a huge problem letting go of the stuff they accumulate. It’s enough to make any highly sensitive parent tear their hair out – I’m not alone right?

Highly Sensitive Children and Clutter

The good news is there’s help on hand. Plus I have news of a declutter challenge just for you!

HSC Common Clutter Items

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21 More Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child

So you’ve heard of the term highly sensitive, but you are not wholly sure if your child really is a highly sensitive child (HSC). Whilst there is no definitive ‘one checklist fits all’ there are many traits and characteristics of HSCs that parents describe which have other parents nodding in recognition. 21 Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child lists 21 such traits. This post describes 21 more examples to help you.

21 More Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child Continue reading

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