The Happy Sensitive Kids Ultimate Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! It’s a great time to buy gifts for the highly sensitives in our lives that actually help them. The ultimate Happy Sensitive Kids’ gift guide is divided up into sections to help you narrow down that perfect present for your child.

  • Gifts to Help with Sleeping and Relaxation
  • Gifts to Help with Emotions
  • Gifts to Help Empty Their Buckets
  • Gifts to Wear
  • Gifts to Declutter
  • Gifts to Read
  • Dutch Language Gifts

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25 Things to Share With Your Highly Sensitive Child’s Teacher

A common question asked in the Happy Sensitive Kids community is exactly what to share with a teacher about a highly sensitive child. Parents are worried about slapping labels on their child’s heads, or being THAT parent. At the end of the day you have to be the best advocate you can be for your child, particularly young children who can’t explain their emotions or speak up for themselves.

25 Things to Share With Your Highly Sensitive Child's Teacher (2)

Remember that teachers are not mind readers and, in general, are open to your guidance when it comes to getting the best out of your child.

I have been in one to one discussions with teachers and school counsellors more times than I can remember about my three highly sensitive children; here’s a list of things that have been helpful to share along the way. Continue reading

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4 Survival Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person

Here are 4 great survival tips for the highly sensitive person, written and sponsored by The Sleep Advisor.

Some people could knock an old lady down in the street and not give it a second thought. Others float through life like a leaf on the wind. And some of us stress and agonise over the smallest detail for days.

If you, like me, fall into the latter category then you’re likely what is called a ‘highly sensitive’ person.

4 survival tips for the highly sensitive personThe modern world we live in is made up of a lot of different types of people. And that is fine. But it definitely isn’t designed for us.

Lights, colours, noises, smells; all of these just seem to affect us more than others and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

So how to cope? Well, over the years I’ve toyed with many survival strategies. Today, I’m going to share my top four ways to stay sane in this hard-knock life… Continue reading

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Born Sensitive 

One issue parents of highly sensitive children often face is the family member or friend who insists that we have made our children sensitive or “fussy”. Such accusations (because let’s face it these kind of things are never said in a positive congratulatory tone) make us doubt ourselves and our parenting skills. But they shouldn’t. Some of us are born highly sensitive. It’s innate. We are not made sensitive by our environment.

Born Sensitive: Highly Sensitive Children  Continue reading

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Highly Sensitives Hate Change. Right?

Highly sensitive children like structure and find comfort in the familiar. They operate best when they are in an environment they know and with people they are accustomed to being with. So what happens when you pull them out of their trusted environment? Like a change of school? Or a house move? Highly sensitive children would fall apart right?

Highly Sensitives Hate Change. Right?

Not necessarily.

Speaking from personal experience.

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Sensory Processing Disorder or Highly Sensitive?

A common question in the Happy Sensitive Kids community is whether a child is highly sensitive or whether there is a sensory processing disorder. The two are not the same – but there is lots of confusion about the differences. Luckily, Naturally HSP is on hand to shed some light.*

Sensory Processing Disorder or Highly Sensitive?

Whether a child is Highly Sensitive or has Sensory Processing Disorder is a question that comes up frequently and confounds many. There can be similarities in the way a Highly Sensitive Child and one with Sensory Processing Disorder responds to sensory stimulation which explains the confusion. There is an important difference however, as one, High Sensitivity, is a normal temperament variation, whereas the other, Sensory Processing Disorder, is a neurological condition.

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Encourage a Child to Explore The World and Reduce Their Overwhelm

Highly sensitive children are not only very aware of their environment, but also often overwhelmed by it. This guest post features an activity that is a fun way to help your child make sense of the world around them and open a discussion on things they see around them.

Encourage a Child to Explore The World & Reduce Their Overwhelm–———

Preschoolers are often very curious about the world around them, and understanding the world is a great way to make it less overwhelming!

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