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Why Journaling is So Good for You

It’s no secret I am a journaling advocate. Search through Happy Sensitive Kids and you’ll find more articles about the power of journaling. It’s not just a good tool for adults, but a fantastic bucket emptying tool for children too. … Continue reading

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Bucket Boxes – Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Empty Their Bucket

Each of my sons has a bucket box in their bedroom full of items they can use when they need quiet time to reset, or recharge. It’s a simple tool they can instantly access. A Highly Sensitive Child’s Bucket Fills … Continue reading

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Helping a Highly Sensitive Child with Their Worries with a Monster Headband

Take the fears and worries of your highly sensitive child (HSC) seriously. They think deeply. They don’t just read about a monster; they picture it in full technicolour and imagine what such a monster could do to them with those teeth … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Help You Help Your Highly Sensitive Child

When you are parenting a highly sensitive child (HSC) you may need to do things a little differently. No child comes with a fool proof instruction manual but for a HSC you may find you can throw away all the advice in … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Help A Highly Sensitive Child With Their Emotions

Twenty percent of children are highly sensitive (HSCs). These children are emotionally tuned into the world around them and have a highly reactive nervous system, which struggles to filter out unnecessary sensory input. They experience their environments intensely and are … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Basics: Simplicity Parenting

I‘m not sure how or where I heard about the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, but I’m sure glad it came into my life. Sometimes you read a book and just find yourself nodding all the way through. … Continue reading

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Put Your Worries on a Cloud: A Meditation for Children

My youngest son has always been a terrible sleeper. During his four years he has used every excuse in the book to avoid staying in his bed in the evening. There are fears that are genuine. There are problems that are less … Continue reading

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The Power of A Kid’s Journal

Journaling is a fantastic bucket emptier and so a fabulous activity for a highly sensitive child to take up. Getting thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences on paper is a great way to help children calm their minds (and bodies!) AND makes … Continue reading

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A Bucket Activity for Highly Sensitive Children (with free printable)

A highly sensitive child (HSC) has difficulty filtering out sensory input around them. This means, for example, that every noise, smell, touch, action and movement around them is noticed and deeply processed. Building in quiet moments into a HSC’s day is essential to … Continue reading

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December is a Time of Giving

However you look at it, whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate, December tends to be a hectic month. As the year comes to an end it’s a natural time to pause and think about how the year has gone. … Continue reading

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