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How to Help a Highly Sensitive Child Sleep

A child’s bedtime is for many parents a highlight. That moment when your child falls exhausted into bed and drifts off peacefully to dream land within minutes, giving you a few hours well earned rest before you follow suit. Except … Continue reading

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Calm Kids Book Review

A highly sensitive child generally needs more down time than other children. Finding ways to help them empty their bucket after a particularly busy day or after their school day  is key to restoring their emotional balance. With that in mind I got myself … Continue reading

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Put Your Worries on a Cloud: A Meditation for Children

My youngest son has always been a terrible sleeper. During his four years he has used every excuse in the book to avoid staying in his bed in the evening. There are fears that are genuine. There are problems that are less … Continue reading

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How to Practice Yoga with a Child – and Why You Should by Giselle Shardlow

For a highly sensitive child down time is important, even more important than for a non-highly sensitive child. For those of you reading who are highly sensitive parents you will probably also know how important and beneficial down time is … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Help Your Child Empty Their Bucket

Following my article on BonBon Break about giving my highly sensitive children a bucket to help them with their emotions I was asked about how to help them empty those buckets. Helping a child to empty their bucket involves creating … Continue reading

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Relax Kids Book and CD Review: Meditations for Children

Highly sensitive children (HSC) often have difficulty switching off their active minds and getting some help to create calm at bedtime is a wonderful idea. Continue reading

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