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Parenting and Getting It Right The First Time

Hands up those of you who knew parenting would be so hard. Who knew parenthood meant being the expert on so many matters without actually having the experience to back up the expert status? Who the heck knew what being … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Their Deepest Feelings

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Why That Light Bulb Moment is so Important For Your Highly Sensitive Child

My ‘aha’ moment, my light bulb moment, came when my eldest son was around the age of three. His preschool teacher noticed how he watched from the sidelines in school and it took months of preschool before he would join … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Information Processing

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Decision Making and A Highly Sensitive Child

You may have noticed that your highly sensitive child has real difficulty committing to a decision. Their capacity for deep thinking means they weigh up every decision carefully and consider all the consequences of each choice. Elaine Aron sums it … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Understand What ‘Highly Sensitive’ Means

Highly sensitive people process sensory information in a different way to the rest of the population. It means our nervous system is more sensitive to all the noise, busyness, conflict and visual stimuli of the world around us. Overstimulation happens more quickly than … Continue reading

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Understanding a Highly Sensitive Child

I‘m raising three highly sensitive children. To do this well I need support from those around me. Which means others need to understand what highly sensitive is. As a parent I would like to teach my children to be ‘authentic’, to be true … Continue reading

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Welcome to Happy Sensitive Kids

Welcome. I am so excited to launch this new blog about raising highly sensitive children. It’s a topic close to my heart, a dominating factor of my family’s life for years. I am the mother of highly sensitive children – my three … Continue reading

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