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7 Ways Dr Elaine Aron Helps You Parent Your Highly Sensitive Child

Elaine Aron is a groundbreaker when it comes to the topic of highly sensitive people. She’s the guru of the highly sensitive trait. Together with her husband she has pioneered research into high sensitivity. Where we are today with understanding … Continue reading

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The Highly Sensitive Child Test: The Earlier the Better

Do teachers tell you there’s something about your child’s behaviour they can’t quite put their finger on? Has there been a suggestion to get your child tested for autism, or ADD or ADHD but that path doesn’t quite feel right … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom from Elaine Aron…..Acceptance is key.  Finding a school that allows them to behave naturally is important. Allowing your child to be who they are is essential. Being highly sensitive is an amazing trait and we should nurture it. Don’t you … Continue reading

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Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie ‘Sensitive – The Untold Story’

1.4 billion people are highly sensitive. That’s the starting point of Sensitive – The Untold Story. And when you put it like that shouldn’t everyone watch this movie? 20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive. Why does it matter? Because … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Inspiring Highly Sensitive Children Through Stories

I asked Leila Boukarim, author of the new book All Too Much for Oliver and founder of My Quiet Adventures, why she  decided to write story books specifically for highly sensitive children. Here’s her answer…… “Our beautiful, highly sensitive son was … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Help A Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School

Your highly sensitive child (HSC) will struggle in school at some point. HSCs need support to flourish in school, but working out what they need is half the problem. Here are seven tips to help you My son started primary … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Their Deepest Feelings

Here’s a tip for talking to your highly sensitive child about their deepest feelings!    

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