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Encourage a Child to Explore The World and Reduce Their Overwhelm

Highly sensitive children are not only very aware of their environment, but also often overwhelmed by it. This guest post features an activity that is a fun way to help your child make sense of the world around them and … Continue reading

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Help Is On Its Way – A Book Review

I have no idea where I read about Jenna Forrest’s painfully honest book about being a highly sensitive child, but I’m glad I bought it. It’s a fascinating and insightful read into the mind of a highly sensitive child. “‘I … Continue reading

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Why This Mother of Highly Sensitive Kids Loves Her Slow Cooker

My slow cooker is one of the best things I have ever bought. And I am saying that with my ‘mother of highly sensitive children’ hat on. Really. Bear with me. It totally saves the day when kids come home … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Help A Highly Sensitive Child With Their Emotions

Twenty percent of children are highly sensitive (HSCs). These children are emotionally tuned into the world around them and have a highly reactive nervous system, which struggles to filter out unnecessary sensory input. They experience their environments intensely and are … Continue reading

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Clarity is Important for Highly Sensitive Parents

I am currently reading Gretchen Ruben’s book ‘Better than Before’ about habits and changing our behaviours. As I was sat reading with a cup of tea in an empty, quiet house (a habit I’m enforcing to help me empty my … Continue reading

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A Story for Highly Sensitive Children: Long Hat is a Hero

Regular readers will already know just how close to my heart a little gnome called Long Hat (or for those of you who know him in Dutch: Langmuts) is. So I am thrilled to share this review of the newly … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Make a Highly Sensitive Child’s First Trip to the Cinema a Success

There are many parents that can recount stories of carrying their hysterical child out of the movie theatre before the film even gets going. And I’m not talking about highly sensitive children. I remember (I think I was a teenager) sitting … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why a Gentle Approach to Discipline Works Best with a Highly Sensitive Child

“Open your mouth so I can clean your teeth properly,” I say to my son. “I AM!” my four year old shouts back at me. It’s the tail end of a discussion we seem to have most mornings when I … Continue reading

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A Bucket Activity for Highly Sensitive Children (with free printable)

A highly sensitive child (HSC) has difficulty filtering out sensory input around them. This means, for example, that every noise, smell, touch, action and movement around them is noticed and deeply processed. Building in quiet moments into a HSC’s day is essential to … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Help You Parent a Highly Sensitive Child

How we interact with our highly sensitive children in turn determines their reaction and how they deal with the situation facing them. These five tips are a culmination of things I have learned along my parenting journey. Keeping these tips forefront in my … Continue reading

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