Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie ‘Sensitive – The Untold Story’

1.4 billion people are highly sensitive.

That’s the starting point of Sensitive – The Untold Story. And when you put it like that shouldn’t everyone watch this movie?

Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie 'Sensitive - The Untold Story'20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive. Why does it matter? Because the highly sensitive 20% complements the 80% non-highly sensitive.

If you’re a teacher, a school counsellor or a school principal you are responsible for the education and wellbeing of highly sensitive children.

If you are a manager in the workplace you lead highly sensitive employees.

If you work in a hospital you treat and tend to highly sensitive people.

If you work in sales or marketing you are trying to sell your product to highly sensitive people.

If you are a public speaker you are addressing highly sensitive people in your audience.

If you are a politician highly sensitive people are your constituents. They vote for you. You make decisions for them.

You get the picture………

Sensitive – The Untold Story portrays many examples of highly sensitive people thriving and blossoming – and shows what happens when not only highly sensitive people understand their own traits, but what happens when those around them who are not HSPs understand and support them too. When the 80% understands high sensitivity it helps us all.

Let’s just take schooling to start with – what a difference it would make to our highly sensitive children (HSC) if those standing before them in the class understood them and didn’t dismiss them or their parents as making a fuss.

SENSITIVE TRAILER from Sensitive on Vimeo.

Dr Elaine Aron, Alanis Morissette, Madisyn Taylor (DailyOm) and a host of scientists, professors and experts collaborate in Sensitive to put scientific facts and their experiences on the table about being highly sensitive. Any of you who have had to battle for your HSCs and been hit over the head with the retort that there is no scientific proof that highly sensitive is a real thing will understand just how important that is. This movie is what the world needs – information.

What I particularly love about this movie is:

  • The science provides substance for the disbelievers. We hear from experts. We see the results of genetics and brain studies. It is validating.
  • The film highlights the positives (as well as the negatives – the overwhelm, the feeling of not fitting in this world, problems with noise, open offices….) and what you can do with your sensitive traits once you understand them – Madisyn Taylor is a fantastic example! It is motivating.
  • I love the different perspectives – high sensitivity in the workplace, raising highly sensitive children, growing up as a HSC. It is informative.

And the fantastic news is that there will be a sequel – about highly sensitive children!!

If you haven’t seen the movie I urge you to watch it. You can download and find out more about it here.




About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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2 Responses to Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie ‘Sensitive – The Untold Story’

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  2. It really is a fantastic film, and I can’t wait for the next one!


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