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Yoga is for Boys Too

Yoga is a great bucket emptier. Not just for adults, but for kids too. And that applies to boys as much as girls. Matt Haig, author of Reasons to Stay Alive (UK link here), Notes on a Nervous Planet (UK link here) … Continue reading

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Reducing Noise in Sports Halls to Help a Highly Sensitive Child

Sports halls are large spaces where noise reverberates and activity is everywhere you look. There is equipment stashed away in all corners and so much to see. And gym halls have their own unique sense of smells too. It’s sensory overload for … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Your Highly Sensitive Child Struggles with Gym and Swimming Lessons

“Does anyone else deal with tantrums, meltdowns or outright refusals to participate when it comes to the weekly swimming lesson?” It’s a common question asked in groups of parents of highly sensitive children (HSCs). Many of us face struggles around … Continue reading

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Finding My Quiet Place in the World – Surrounded by Thousands of People

As I mentioned in a recent post I went to my first Dutch eredivisie football  match a couple of weeks ago and within minutes, despite my stress about going, I felt at home. In a previous life, before I moved … Continue reading

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