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Highly Sensitive Children Don’t Fit the Mould – And They Shouldn’t Have To

Many highly sensitive children don’t behave like other children and certainly don’t always meet society’s expectations of them. Coming up with creative compromises that play to a highly sensitive child’s (HSC) strengths is a large part of parenting a HSC. And it’s an essential element of raising a child that is happy and confident with who they are. Continue reading

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Why Movies and Television Shows Affect a Highly Sensitive Child

Finding appropriate movies or TV shows to let a highly sensitive child (HSC) watch is a common problem for parents of HSCs. Often a HSC will find a movie too frightening or emotional to be able to enjoy it, resulting … Continue reading

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Helping a Highly Sensitive Child Understand Their Emotions

As the parent of a highly sensitive child you are likely used to regular meltdowns and bursts of frustration from your child. You are also likely used to hearing “I don’t know” when you ask what is wrong. Helping a … Continue reading

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Dear Society, Please Let Our Sensitive Boys Become Sensitive Men

I think that being a highly sensitive male is tougher than being a highly sensitive female. I may be biased as I am raising three boys but it seems to me that many traits we associate with being highly sensitive don’t go hand … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Your Highly Sensitive Child Struggles with Gym and Swimming Lessons

“Does anyone else deal with tantrums, meltdowns or outright refusals to participate when it comes to the weekly swimming lesson?” It’s a common question asked in groups of parents of highly sensitive children (HSCs). Many of us face struggles around … Continue reading

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Can You Spot a Highly Sensitive Politician?

Highly sensitive people and politics. It’s an unlikely blog post isn’t it? But I felt compelled to sit behind my computer after reading a thread in a highly sensitive people (HSP)  group this morning. A video prompted a suggestion that Bernie … Continue reading

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Nominations

Amidst all the festivities of the last few weeks it was nice to see my name  and this blog included in a list for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award over on Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids. A huge thank you to … Continue reading

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Welcome to Happy Sensitive Kids

Welcome. I am so excited to launch this new blog about raising highly sensitive children. It’s a topic close to my heart, a dominating factor of my family’s life for years. I am the mother of highly sensitive children – my three … Continue reading

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