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Top 3 Posts of 2017 on Happy Sensitive Kids

Just like last year here’s a round up of the top read posts of the year. With no further ado the third most read post this year is this one: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change Schools? At number … Continue reading

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Raising Children to See the World Beyond Our Doorstep 

It can be a challenge parenting a highly sensitive child (HSC), but many elements of raising HSCs are definitely worth celebrating. Our HSCs notice the details and see the world around them; I mean really see the world around them. They … Continue reading

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Dear Society, Please Let Our Sensitive Boys Become Sensitive Men

I think that being a highly sensitive male is tougher than being a highly sensitive female. I may be biased as I am raising three boys but it seems to me that many traits we associate with being highly sensitive don’t go hand … Continue reading

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December is a Time of Giving

However you look at it, whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate, December tends to be a hectic month. As the year comes to an end it’s a natural time to pause and think about how the year has gone. … Continue reading

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My Boys are not Stereotypes, They Are So Much More – The Good Men Project

Society has an expectation of how boys should behave and if your sons are highly sensitive they won’t meet those expectations. And I am truly grateful for that. I don’t believe raising children should be about teaching them to conform to … Continue reading

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Helping a Highly Sensitive Child Start School, One Little Step at a Time

Starting school is a huge step for a highly sensitive child. It’s a new environment, often busy, filled with new people. There is separation anxiety to tackle. There is change to process. There is a huge transition to master. It’s … Continue reading

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Do Highly Sensitive Parents Have More Reliable Parenting Instincts?

I don’t have the answer to that question, but it is something I pondered whilst writing a debate article for Brain, Child Magazine on the topic. I argue that you should listen to your gut feelings when it comes to … Continue reading

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