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I’m Highly Sensitive and it Has Consequences for My Career

Understanding your highly sensitive self is the best thing that can happen to your career. When I started a career in the world of Human Resources I naively thought I’d be helping people get the best out of their people. … Continue reading

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What I Realised About My Career Once I Knew I Was Highly Sensitive 

Up until 2009 I had never heard of the term highly sensitive. I had heard of the term introvert and shy though. I also knew that I hated my job even though I had headed down that career path voluntary … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Understand What ‘Highly Sensitive’ Means

Highly sensitive people process sensory information in a different way to the rest of the population. It means our nervous system is more sensitive to all the noise, busyness, conflict and visual stimuli of the world around us. Overstimulation happens more quickly than … Continue reading

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