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Happy Sensitive Kids Bookmark Printable: Reading Empties my Bucket

Reading is my number one bucket emptier. I love losing myself in a book, and have several on the go at any one time reading whichever one suits my mood at the time. Storytime with my sons at bedtime is … Continue reading

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Happy Sensitive Kids “I’m Emptying My Bucket” Door Hanger – Free Printable

I recently published some free bucket activity printables to help you and your highly sensitive child (HSC) talk about their bucket – to think about what fills it and what empties it. There’s now a door hanger to add to … Continue reading

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A Bucket Activity for Highly Sensitive Children (with free printable)

A highly sensitive child (HSC) has difficulty filtering out sensory input around them. This means, for example, that every noise, smell, touch, action and movement around them is noticed and deeply processed. Building in quiet moments (bucket time) into a HSC’s day is … Continue reading

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