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Movies & TV Shows for Highly Sensitive Children – Parent & Kid Approved

It’s not always easy finding a movie or TV show that doesn’t negatively impact a highly sensitive child. From years of advice passed from parents in the Happy Sensitive Kids Community here’s a list of movies and shows that have … Continue reading

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Why Movies and Television Shows Affect a Highly Sensitive Child

Finding appropriate movies or TV shows to let a highly sensitive child (HSC) watch is a common problem for parents of HSCs. Often a HSC will find a movie too frightening or emotional to be able to enjoy it, resulting … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Make a Highly Sensitive Child’s First Trip to the Cinema a Success

There are many parents that canĀ recount stories of carrying their hysterical child out of the movie theatre before the film even gets going. And I’m not talking about highly sensitive children. I remember (I think I was a teenager) sitting … Continue reading

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Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie ‘Sensitive – The Untold Story’

1.4 billion people are highly sensitive. That’s the starting point of Sensitive – TheĀ Untold Story. And when you put it like that shouldn’t everyone watch this movie? 20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive. Why does it matter? Because … Continue reading

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