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Highly Sensitive: How is it Diagnosed and Why Does it Matter?

“Did you get a highly sensitive diagnosis by a professional or did you self-diagnose?” is a common question in forums for highly sensitive people (HSP), or parents of highly sensitive children (HSC). What is a diagnosis? According to Merriam Webster: … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, Highly Sensitive is Not on My Checklist

Society creates round holes for children to fit in. We see it in schools. There are expectations of what a child of a certain age should be able to do: sit still in a classroom environment and keep quiet, listen … Continue reading

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The Importance of a School’s Personality

IĀ once read an article about schooling that hit a chord with me. Well, actually it went right for my jugular. It gave advice about finding the right school for your child. Although it was specifically written to help expat families … Continue reading

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