HSP/C Resources


Helping Anxious Children Thrive Masterclass by Susan Stiffelman.

The Highly Sensitive Person  – Elaine Aron’s website, a must visit for every HSP.

Is Your Child Highly Sensitive? – A parent’s questionnaire and an excellent starting point to assess whether your child is highly sensitive.

Highly Sensitive Refuge: a community for highly sensitive people, setting out to prove that high sensitivity can be strong. Great articles for HSPs and parents of HSCs.

Dr Ted Zeff: Healing for Highly Sensitive People – one of the world’s leading experts on the highly sensitive trait and an excellent resource for parents raising highly sensitive boys.

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka – website of the author of the book Raising Your Spirited Child including parenting advice and blog.

Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids – Leila Boukarim’s beautiful blog about raising HSC. Leila writes from the heart and her posts are heartfelt and honest.

HSP Health – a blog promoting the health of HSP, including challenges, causes and characteristics.

The Highly Sensitive Person and Parenting – a warm, personal account of parenting as a highly sensitive person.

Henry and His Super Heart Force – a story about Henry and his super feeling powers!


Support in the Netherlands

To-Taal Coaching for highly sensitive adults/children in The Hague by Petra Kessler

Janneke van Olphen – Wise wise words to help parents raise highly sensitive children, including regular workshops for parents who are themselves highly sensitive or who have children who are highly sensitive.

Happy Hooggevoelige Kids: child coach in Groningen.


4 Responses to HSP/C Resources

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  2. Joanne Loch says:

    This site has helped me enormously. Thank you!

    Do you have any advice for me?

    My 4 year old has many traits of a HSC but not extreme.

    She settled in really well apparently at nursery school in
    January, but in the last 2-3 months a problem developed
    With her most played with friend..

    I don’t expect you can help with the issue itself, that’s too much to ask!
    But I have such problems communicating with her about
    What is going on. She hates talking about it and makes a fuss
    That she wants to watch tv or play with her brother, anything but
    Talk. Doing the bucket was a breakthrough, but then she
    Started actually making up stories about what her friend had supposedly done.
    It was a nightmare!

    The other day she treated my mum(who she adores) badly, saying she didn’t want
    To play with her and told her to go away. It seemed like she was repeating behaviour
    That was done to her..

    We are in the middle of school hols, and I have felt like we have been doing well with building her self confidence etc.. It was such a shock and felt like we had gone straight back to the end of term..

    She’s not an unkind girl. I feel like she is in danger of being moulded by this friend and their relationship problems.. Any ideas what I can do?!


    • Have you tried using visual tools to help her share her emotions? 4 year olds often don’t have the vocabulary to explain how they are feeling. Cards with emoticons fir example can help.


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