21 More Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child

So you’ve heard of the term highly sensitive, but you are not wholly sure if your child really is a highly sensitive child (HSC). Whilst there is no definitive ‘one checklist fits all’ there are many traits and characteristics of HSCs that parents describe which have other parents nodding in recognition. 21 Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child lists 21 such traits. This post describes 21 more examples to help you.

21 More Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child

  1. You deem your child’s reaction to pain to be disproportionate to the situation. You come running when your child screams expecting to have to call an ambulance but you find nothing more than a scratch on their arm.

  2. Your child needs lots of time alone to recharge, particularly after a school day. They often seek out a quiet place to retreat to.

  3. Your child is the one clinging to you crying at school drop off in the morning, but full of smiles and chatter at pick up.

  4. Your child has been described as a model pupil by a teacher.

  5. Your child lives in jogging pants or leggings because jeans are too stiff and zippers are uncomfortable.

  6. Teachers have told you that your child is a closed book in the classroom. They have no idea what your child is thinking or how they are feeling. At home it is clear how they are feeling.

  7. Your child has BIG emotions.

  8. Your child thrives with a routine. Deviations cause upset or even meltdowns.

  9. Your child is unable to cope with too many activities after school.

  10. Your child has a natural affinity to animals and the natural world.

  11. Your child is upset by a teacher raising a voice.

  12. Your child has a radar for injustices in the world around them.

  13. Sand stuck on your child’s hands or feet is a huge source of discomfort.

  14. Your child has been labelled fussy or difficult by people around you.

  15. Your child reads the emotions of others well.

  16. Your child has a fear of failure.

  17. Your child often complains about the noise around them.

  18. Swimming lessons are a drama.

  19. Your child feels guilty when a teacher addresses the whole class about an unwanted behaviour or incident, despite being innocent.

  20. Your child is negatively impacted in school sitting next to a boisterous or noisy classmate.

  21. Your child comes home completely drained from school.

Further Action

If you recognise your child in any of these examples and want to know more read The Highly Sensitive Child Test: The Earlier the Better.

I also recommend reading The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron. Consider it the HSC bible!



About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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