HSK Update: Moving House & Guest Posts

It’s been quieter than usual on the Happy Sensitive Kids blog during the last few weeks and it will continue to be so for a couple of months. In just less than a month we get the keys to our new house and you know what they say about stress and moving? Well, it’s all true and with a household of highly sensitives our home is a tense and excited one at the moment.

HSK Update: Moving House & Guest PostsMy focus at the moment is on helping my three children say their goodbyes properly and get used to the idea of a new home, school and well, life!

We currently live in the Randstad of the Netherlands; it’s a densely populated area in the west of the country. This is reflected in everything from our living space, our internet reliability (I kid you not) and schools.

At the end of May my husband’s fixed term contract with his employer came to an end after eleven years working there. He found a new job which allows us to make a radical change to our living situation.

We are moving to a village in the east of the country where it is more sparsely populated, greener and offers more living space. It’s a conscious choice for a quieter life and more space to live it in. And we have made that trade off knowing it will take us away from family and friends. We know no one there.

My sons currently go to a relatively small sized school yet are still in classes of 30+ (35 for my seven year old) and they struggle with the activity and noise around them. Their new school in the east has less children in total than my sons’ current three classes combined.

They will spend two days next week at their new school to help them adjust to the change. They have already seen the school and met some of the teachers and fellow classmates but these two days will help them see how things work in their new school and how their days will be next school year when they start there. They are excited but anxious. They see the positives and the negatives. It’s a mixed bag of emotions for us all.

Although they know there will be lots of hellos in the coming months they are also aware that many painful goodbyes are coming. They will have to say goodbye to their teachers, their classmates and their friends. They will have to say goodbye to all the places they know so well and the only house they have ever lived in in the town they were born in.

There are good things to come, of that I am sure, and they are too, but the next few weeks and months will be tough and so it will be quiet on here from me for a while.

Meanwhile, I hope to have some guest posts for you to read from lots of wonderful people so don’t go anywhere! And if you are interested in sharing your story or an expert post with HSK readers then please get in touch!

Wish us luck! xx


About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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7 Responses to HSK Update: Moving House & Guest Posts

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  3. Very informative post about moving a house. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Helena says:

    I’m possibly interested to share the story of myself( an unrecognized HSP until about a year ago) and my HSC 11 year old son and our growth through the process of adjusting to a large, middle school compared to the quiet elementary school he left behind. I had only recently begun to understand and embrace the depth of my own sensitivity, and was just steps ahead to be able to be his advocate. Unexpectedly, helping him through his challenges helped to heal some of my unfortunate past experiences as an HSC/ HSP. Please let me know if this would be welcome as a guest contribution.

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