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The Perfect School for a Highly Sensitive Child

Schooling is an issue for many a highly sensitive child (HSC). Traditional schools often fall short of meeting the needs of a HSC either because of space limitations, overcrowding or lack of money and understanding. So what would a perfect school … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Parenting 

My eldest turned 10 this week and it dawned on me that I have now been parenting for a decade….. You’d think it would get easier right? Wrong.

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How to Help a Highly Sensitive Child After School

Parents of highly sensitive children are no strangers to after school meltdowns. It’s common amongst highly sensitive children (HSC). Are you are one of those parents who regularly have to pick your young child off the ground on the school … Continue reading

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When Our Quiet Children Get Lost in the Noise of Their Classrooms

How much noise can you work in? As a general rule I write in silence. I find it impossible to pour my thoughts out onto paper surrounded by noise, not even soft music playing in the background. Life would certainly … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive: How is it Diagnosed and Why Does it Matter?

“Did you get a highly sensitive diagnosis by a professional or did you self-diagnose?” is a common question in forums for highly sensitive people (HSP), or parents of highly sensitive children (HSC). What is a diagnosis? According to Merriam Webster: … Continue reading

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7 New Year’s (or anytime) Resolutions for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children 

It’s that time of year again folks – resolutions time! So whilst you are busy anyway here are some tips that could help you parent your highly sensitive child this year. 1. Accept Your Highly Sensitive Child As They Are

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