Top 3 Happy Sensitive Kids Blog Posts of 2016

Firstly I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have stumbled upon this blog in the course of 2016. Your support, touching comments and contact has been heartwarming throughout the year.

Top 3 Happy Sensitive Kids Blog Posts of 2016

So, the three most read posts this year? Drumroll please……

At number 3….

50 Ways to Help Your Child Empty Their Bucket, a post actually written in 2015 but still a popular read. Watch out during the course of 2017 for a Happy Sensitive Kids book on this topic!

“Helping a child to empty their bucket involves creating the calm and space to process their school day, or the big party they have just been to. (See here for a printable bucket activity.) It’s about giving them the time and quiet to empty their minds, as well as relax their bodies. Emptying their buckets is achieved by reducing sensory input – by making their environment calm, quiet and focussed.”

Sitting pretty at number 2 is this one….

8 Ways to Help A Highly Sensitive Child With Their Emotions. This is a post written during the summer and hugely popular on Pinterest.

“They experience their environments intensely and are easily overwhelmed; their heads fill up quickly from processing everything happening around them. Emotions spill over and HSCs in particular quickly feel out of control, ending in a complete meltdown. Luckily, there are ways to help your highly sensitive child handle their emotions better and stop them spiralling out of control.”

And the most read post on the Happy Sensitive Kids blog is….

7 Tips to Help a Highly Sensitive Child Flourish in School, showing once more that school is a complicated issue when it comes to our highly sensitive children.

“His first day at school was a drama that will occupy a space in my memory for all time. His father and I had to physically drag him into his new classroom. Although the teacher was great with him, for my son she was an unknown entity. He kicked, he screamed and he cried. We left the classroom with the desperate cries of “mama” and “papa” ringing in our ears. I could feel my heart breaking as we walked through the recently abandoned hallways.”

Thank you all for your support in 2016. Warm wishes for your New Year celebrations and I wish you all the best for you and your family in 2017!


About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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