Calm Kids Book Review

A highly sensitive child generally needs more down time than other children. Finding ways to help them empty their bucket after a particularly busy day or after their school day  is key to restoring their emotional balance.

With that in mind I got myself a copy of Lorraine E. Murray’s Calm Kids (Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities) (US Amazon link here).

Calm Kids - A Book Review

It’s a practical guide to instilling the habit of meditation in your own family. The book clearly outlines what meditation is and why it’s a great practice to adopt. There are many advantages at home but also in schools too, and these are highlighted with case studies.

The book guides the reader through creating an environment in which to meditate, reminds us that children learn through watching us, and then explains how to teach our children to recognise their emotions and their stress.

There are different meditation ideas, as well as great advice to help you develop your own meditations that work for your children based on the different senses. There are ideas around breathing, colour, visualisation, sound, taste and crystals or stones. There are group ideas, ideas to calm children before bed and tips for busy families.

There’s information geared to different age groups too, with a fun section on helping toddlers focus their attention another on specifically and another to help parents with babies. There is also a whole chapter on helping children with ADHD and another for children on the autistic spectrum.

If you are looking to introduce, or improve, meditation in your family then this book is a fantastic guide to getting started or going.

Calm Kids

Calm Kids is available from,, or Book Depository (free delivery).



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Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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