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Starting School with Baby Steps

My youngest son will soon turn four. In the Netherlands this means he can start at primary school. He currently attends a peuterspeelzaal for two mornings a week. He’s well aware that he’ll soon be going to school every day … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Help A Highly Sensitive Child With Their Emotions

Twenty percent of children are highly sensitive (HSCs). These children are emotionally tuned into the world around them and have a highly reactive nervous system, which struggles to filter out unnecessary sensory input. They experience their environments intensely and are … Continue reading

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Why I Switched from Public Schooling to Homeschooling

It’s time for the third post in the parent interview series about schooling a highly sensitive child. This week I talk to Tara who is in Canada. She removed her son from a funded state school in order to homeschool … Continue reading

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Schooling and the Highly Sensitive Child Interview Series: Why I Am Moving My Child to a Democratic School

In the third part of the ‘Schooling and the Highly Sensitive Child’ interview series I spoke to Lucy* about her decision to move her son out of the public schooling system in the United States to a private school in a … Continue reading

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You Will Come Out the Other Side

When my youngest son was born my eldest had been in school for just a few months and he was struggling. I also had a toddler at home. There were sleepless nights, there was physical exhaustion, silent reflux, the realisation … Continue reading

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