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How to Help a Child With Their Fear of Failure

Highly sensitive children (HSCs) are often perfectionists. During school parent’s evenings over the years I have heard the words ‘perfectionism’ and ‘fear of failure’ about all three of my sons. So it is something that I am busy trying to … Continue reading

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The Day I Became the Mother my Sons Need Me to Be

I have written before about how life changing it is to discover that your child is highly sensitive – that you can finally put a name to the behaviours and traits you see in your children. That light bulb moment … Continue reading

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21 Ways to Recognise a Highly Sensitive Child

How do you know if your child is highly sensitive? There’s no definitive checklist or sign that will give you absolute confirmation but there are traits and behaviours that many parents of highly sensitive children identify with. If you recognise … Continue reading

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Put Your Worries on a Cloud: A Meditation for Children

My youngest son has always been a terrible sleeper. During his four years he has used every excuse in the book to avoid staying in his bed in the evening. There are fears that are genuine. There are problems that are less … Continue reading

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