Can You Spot a Highly Sensitive Politician?

Highly sensitive people and politics. It’s an unlikely blog post isn’t it? But I felt compelled to sit behind my computer after reading a thread in a highly sensitive people (HSP)  group this morning.

A video prompted a suggestion that Bernie Sanders may be highly sensitive. He shows a tremendous amount of empathy and instinctively ran to help. Can we spot politicians who are HSPs? Does it make them more likely to get the vote of a fellow HSP?

It’s an interesting thread. *Please note that this is not a debate on the nitty gritty politics, rather observations on the people and their traits behind the politics – I have seen some Facebook threads get ugly when politics are discussed and that isn’t happening here!*

It was suggested that UK politician Jeremy Corbyn is also a HSP. And maybe even President Obama too. Are highly sensitive people drawn to certain politicians because they show a sensitive side, may even be HSPs themselves? Obama certainly feels authentic to me; when he speaks he shows emotion and it feels like he cares. Or are good politicians good actors too?

It makes sense to me that a HSP can feel when a politician is genuine. HSPs like authentic. HSPs like truth. We see through fake, which let’s face it, is the essence of many a politician. If we feel something real and authentic when a politician speaks then it figures that they become an attractive option. Maybe there has been a time when a politician appeals to you and you’re not sure why (aside from policies and ideology of course) – or the other way around and a politician makes your skin crawl but you can’t quite put your finger on why. A politician can certainly be likeable because of their traits even though their politics are not your flavour.

So, what do you think? Do HSPs make great politicians? My initial thought (having spent many an hour watching House of Cards recently) is that sensitivity and politics do not mix. There is no place for sensitive people at the politicians’ table. But actually that is not true. There are a number of HS traits that are just perfect traits for a politician:

  • a desire to make the world a better place
  • an innate sense of justice and fairness
  • a desire for equality
  • an awareness for subtleties
  • observant
  • well-tuned intuition
  • sniffs out liars
  • creative and imaginative
  • great listener
  • processes things deeply – a great basis for cultivating ideas
  • prefers meaningful discussion over chit chat

There are, of course, also many HS traits which make politics a difficult career choice…….but for sure the politicians who show a sensitive side are great role models for our highly sensitive children.

Can You Spot a Highly Sensitive Politician?Over to You: When you are heading for the ballot box do you look for a politician who displays HS traits? Can you spot the fake political figures in heartbeat? Or is this something you have never considered before? Which politicians do you think are HSPs?



About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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3 Responses to Can You Spot a Highly Sensitive Politician?

  1. Interesting…I had to come back to this while I pondered for a bit. I agree that we probably would be good politicians however, we thrive on truth and honesty so how would we deal with knowing daily that we were facing scripted untruths from those with no scruples ? This HSP avoids the playground scraps of politics and the news… the lies and tragedies weigh heavy; overstimulate, affect me.


    • Exactly. Many things that act as barriers for a HSP – but for those that can stomach politics in all its glory it’s certainly a vehicle for making change and improvements that so many of us would like to see. It’s not for me……. but imagine a world led by HSPs…….. 🙂


      • I have quite a lot. It would balanced; caring and understanding and so very passionate. 🙂 oh with a little emotion thrown in for good measure and we certainly wouldn’t promise what we had not deeply thought or believed in.

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