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Highly Sensitive: Avoiding the Crowds

For as long as I can remember I have preferred to avoid the crowds. Until I realised I am a highly sensitive person I never really knew why, or even thought about why for that matter. As a teenager, my … Continue reading

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23 Things Highly Sensitive Is Not

I was one of the many people who read this article with a mixture of feelings. I am thankful that the mainstream media is picking up highly sensitive and running with it to spread the word, but I get a … Continue reading

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Can You Spot a Highly Sensitive Politician?

Highly sensitive people and politics. It’s an unlikely blog post isn’t it? But I felt compelled to sit behind my computer after reading a thread in a highly sensitive people (HSP)  group this morning. A video prompted a suggestion that Bernie … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom from Elaine Aron…..Acceptance is key.  Finding a school that allows them to behave naturally is important. Allowing your child to be who they are is essential. Being highly sensitive is an amazing trait and we should nurture it. Don’t you … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Make a Highly Sensitive Child’s First Trip to the Cinema a Success

There are many parents that can recount stories of carrying their hysterical child out of the movie theatre before the film even gets going. And I’m not talking about highly sensitive children. I remember (I think I was a teenager) sitting … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why a Gentle Approach to Discipline Works Best with a Highly Sensitive Child

“Open your mouth so I can clean your teeth properly,” I say to my son. “I AM!” my four year old shouts back at me. It’s the tail end of a discussion we seem to have most mornings when I … Continue reading

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