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The Power of A Kid’s Journal

Journaling is a fantastic bucket emptier and so a fabulous activity for a highly sensitive child to take up. Getting thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences on paper is a great way to help children calm their minds (and bodies!) AND makes … Continue reading

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A Bucket Activity for Highly Sensitive Children (with free printable)

A highly sensitive child (HSC) has difficulty filtering out sensory input around them. This means, for example, that every noise, smell, touch, action and movement around them is noticed and deeply processed. Building in quiet moments (bucket time) into a HSC’s day is … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children Seem Like a Teacher’s Dream – But They Are Not

My highly sensitive child (HSC) is a teacher’s dream. He does his work and follows instructions. He wants to please. He’s compliant. He doesn’t make waves. He’s quiet. He’s conscientious. He wants to do his best. He doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Why You and Everyone Else Should Watch the Movie ‘Sensitive – The Untold Story’

1.4 billion people are highly sensitive. That’s the starting point of Sensitive – The Untold Story. And when you put it like that shouldn’t everyone watch this movie? 20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive. Why does it matter? Because … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Kids, Birthdays, Sleepovers and Expectations

As we approached (read: hurtled towards) my eldest son’s ninth birthday we started discussing birthday party options. The ideas ranged from lots of guests to a few friends, holding it at home or going out for the day, hiring someone in … Continue reading

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