Giveaway: All Too Much for Oliver Gift Pack

I was thrilled to hold an ‘All Too Much for Oliver’ gift pack in my hands just after Christmas, and I am even more thrilled to be able to offer one of you lucky readers the chance to do the same.

Giveaway- All Too Much for Oliver Gift Pack

“All Too Much for Oliver” is a story about a little boy who prefers to play alone in his own quiet room. That’s until Odile moves in next door, and they become the best of friends. Oliver starts to explore outside his comfort zone and try some of the activities that made him uncomfortable – such as going to a birthday party or a crowded playground.

The illustrations are just breathtakingly gorgeous, and your highly sensitive child will recognise themselves in Oliver as you read the story together. The fact that this book has been written for highly sensitive children, about a highly sensitive child, makes it incredibly special and unique!

I am delighted to share that Happy Sensitive Kids and My Quiet Adventures are partnering up to give away this beautiful gift pack:

All Too Much for Oliver Gift Pack

The gift pack up for grabs includes:

  • a copy of the book ‘All Too Much for Oliver’
  • four lovely postcards with illustrations and quotes from the book
  • and two sheets of gorgeous stickers (6 stickers per sheet).

The giveaway is open worldwide and the gift pack will be lovingly wrapped and shipped to the winner.

All Too Much for Oliver lovingly wrapped

To enter for a chance to get your hands on this beautiful pack simply leave a comment on this blog: Tell us what reading with your child means to you – and your child.

Important: Please use the Rafflecopter link below to confirm your entry (and gain extra entries) as this is how we will make the draw for the winner and ensure that we are able to contact you in the event of winning.

The even better news is that All Too Much for Oliver is the first book in a planned series – you can keep up to date with new book releases and news here.

Good luck – and please spread the word!

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About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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39 Responses to Giveaway: All Too Much for Oliver Gift Pack

  1. Natalie Crossan says:

    Reading for my daughter is her ultimate passion xx


  2. LEE HARDY says:

    Love reading with my daughter as it’s our time to go to visit other places without leaving our home.


  3. tracy sinclair says:

    Some quality, peaceful time together, time they will remember, learning at the same time x


  4. jenrhymer says:

    Reading with my children means we have some quality time together and they have developed a love for books which I think is important x

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  5. it means quality time together

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  6. Vickie Jackson says:

    I have always read to my children (since they were in the womb!)

    For me it’s our quiet, close time where it’s just us and we can talk about the day and anything that we could do differently

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  7. Donna Caldwell says:

    We read every night with our little girl we take turns she enjoys it so much her dad and I both provide different things from reading with her ,I do all the voices and am quite animated her dad always seems to turn it into a song of sorts . She always talks about her stories

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  8. Samantha Atherton says:

    Reading is an amazing adventure we share together.

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  9. winemama says:

    I love reading with my child – it is a still , quiet time at the end of a busy , active day

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  10. Kerry Locke says:

    Quality bonding time away from busy modern life

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  11. Susan Hunt says:

    a good excuse to reread the famous five books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I never read the Harry Potter books when they first came out – but I am currently working through the series with my eldest. Wow, what an amazing experience. Firstly I have no idea why I thought Harry Potter wouldn’t appeal to me – secondly watching the reaction of my son to the stories whilst we read them!! WOW!

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  12. Susan B says:

    Reading with the children and listening to them read as they grow in confidence is wonderful. I couldn’t believe my ears when our 5-year-old was reading aloud about cars and managed words like carbureta and exhaust!

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  13. adele says:

    My 4 year old daughter has Asperger like traits and from being a baby bonding was quite difficult as she did not like being held or cuddled and prefers to play by herself. But she really enjoys books and reading with me, reading has help us bond and has really helped with her speech which is rather delayed. Whilst reading with her she will sit still, give me a hug and she is learning new words all of the time and is even starting to read the words for herself now.

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  14. Reading all these answers is making me so happy! Reading has been so incredible important to us since the day our son was born. Even as an infant he would pay surprisingly close attention to me as I read to him. Six years later, it’s still my favorite time of the day, cuddled up in bed, reading and chatting calmly, bonding properly over a book that will either teach or inspire all of us.

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  15. Samantha loughlin says:

    Learning through reading or just to spend quality time together is so important


  16. clairew137 says:

    it’s time spent together. I love sharing the books I read as a child with my son.


  17. aaron broad says:

    Is important to help them develop properly

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  18. Sandy Kane says:

    Reading is our son’s safe space. It’s the door to a world of imagination where everything is possible. Reading together for us is about sharing the adventure and journeying together 🙂

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  19. i love reading with my grandaughter, especially the stories i used to read when i was a child x

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  20. Ruth Harwood says:

    We always read at bed time, and my son chooses a book and tries to take turns reading aloud – he loves the atmosphere we can create with sound and accent, we try to make it as much fun as we can xx

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  21. cheryl price says:

    I love reading with my children, we snuggle up together and read and then talk about what we have read, it brings us closer and i love it.

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  22. Julie says:

    I love reading to my child because it’s bonding time and I love sharing stories and hearing her laughs!

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  23. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My daughter and I love to snuggle up and enjoy a book. Reading has always been a great love of mine. If there is one thing I would love my daughter to follow me and love to read. She enjoys being read to at the moment but not so much the reading as she is struggling

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  24. sofia s. says:

    means a constructive and funny way to end the day

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  26. My son loves reading books with me and learning different stories and the closeness

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  27. Proudmama says:

    Reading with my HS boy is like the calm after the storm. It such a magical moment of peace and love.

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  28. Kelly whitewood says:

    I have always read to my children especially when my girls where younger they are 11 and 13 now, my eldest and youngest son struggled for some time with reading but with some extra help they all love to read now it’s a special moment shared in a very busy life! This book will be even more special to share with my hsson x

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  29. Susan Smith says:

    Love to read with the children and always try to get them to read to me as well,

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  30. The time spend reading to her is so precious to me and I hope that they provide her with many good memories also x

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  31. Lindsay says:

    Long before I became a parent, I had daydreams and hopes of reading to my child(ren). From the moment my baby was born, I began reading to her. Now she’s almost 3 and we read together multiple times a day. She can often be found reading to herself in her room, too. It makes my heart so happy & proud!

    Reading is a big part of my life and I’m so glad my daughter has taken to it and loves books, too. We would adore this book about a fellow HS child!

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  32. Bianca says:

    Reading with my childrens means everything to me. And my children! We read every evening before bedtime. And during the day when they ask for it.

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