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Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child Means Becoming an Expert Planner

‘Spontaneous’ and ‘ad hoc’ are often words missing from the vocabulary of the parent of a highly sensitive child. At least that’s how it is in my house. Highly sensitive children need plenty of downtime, especially in busy periods. That means … Continue reading

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What Should We Tell Our Children about the Paris Attacks?

Bombs around a football stadium. Men shooting people. Eighty people dead in a theater. “I felt tears in my eyes, mama. Other children were crying. I felt stressed.” That’s the message my eight year old came home from school with … Continue reading

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9 Book Gift Ideas for the Highly Sensitive People in Your Life

Birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day or the festive season, whatever the occasion, some inspiring gift ideas are always welcome. If you are looking to pass on present ideas to family and friends for your child, or wondering yourself what to gift that highly … Continue reading

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How I Learned My Son is a Highly Sensitive Child

Six years ago I discovered my eldest son is a highly sensitive child (HSC) and in the years since our family has been on journey of discovery. After a traumatic entry to the world my first-born cried a lot, every evening for hours … Continue reading

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My Boys are not Stereotypes, They Are So Much More – The Good Men Project

Society has an expectation of how boys should behave and if your sons are highly sensitive they won’t meet those expectations. And I am truly grateful for that. I don’t believe raising children should be about teaching them to conform to … Continue reading

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Watch Out For “All Too Much for Oliver”

This book, ‘All Too Much for Oliver’, will be available this winter, written especially for highly sensitive children, with characters thats highly sensitive children can relate to. Leila Boukarim has created something truly wonderful. It’s going to be a huge hit, the … Continue reading

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Helping a Highly Sensitive Child Start School, One Little Step at a Time

Starting school is a huge step for a highly sensitive child. It’s a new environment, often busy, filled with new people. There is separation anxiety to tackle. There is change to process. There is a huge transition to master. It’s … Continue reading

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