The Power of Journaling

“Studies have clearly shown that the very act of recalling and expressing an event through journaling can improve immune and heart function, as well as general well-being.” 

The Whole-Brain Child, Dr Daniel J. Siegel & Dr Tina Payne Bryson

The power of journaling. Journaling has the power to heal, to realign yourself, to put you back on the right path. It is an outlet for emotions. It’s a way to reflect. It’s a way to record. It’s a way to tell your stories, to exercise your memory. It’s a way to understand yourself. It’s a great tool for highly sensitive children too.

Power of Journaling

I journal enthusiastically. Daily. At the moment I use the bullet journal system which has increased my productivity and focus more than I could ever describe here. I love it. But it’s all about doing, and not being. And I love the idea of both.

My role at home is changing a little as my youngest heads off and joins his brothers in school. I have more time to write, to focus on my writing projects. But I also have more time to focus on me. To focus on being. For a little self-care.

For a highly sensitive parent, self-care is vital. Getting time and taking on activities that empty your bucket is so important. If your bucket is empty, you can parent your HSCs more patiently, calmly and with more understanding. And that was my intention this year. It will remain my intention in 2016 too.

The power of journaling - Time for a little Soul Care



About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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18 Responses to The Power of Journaling

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  3. I love to journal everywhere it strikes me. It adds to the reflection I have with it when I follow the places I felt like writing at.

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  4. preetibp says:

    Journalist is a way to feel that one has some sense of things that transpired in the day. Otherwise days just spiral by and one doesn’t relish the moments. I am not that regular though I would like to be. I prefer the pen to the keyboard though I have the lure that an online journal would be eternal and more convenient. The charm of writing with a pen on a brand new page and at a pace that let’s a person frame the thoughts in time. My handwriting also depicts my mood. Soul journal is just the thing to make us remove the clutter and refocus

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  5. kristenalair says:

    We were just joking about the boxes of journals that I have in our garage. Somewhere along the way I stopped keeping a journal and I do miss it. There is something about connecting so deeply with my thoughts and emotions that helps me feel at peace, soothes my worries and realigns me to my core purposes. Thanks for the reminder. As a highly sensitive mom of a highly sensitive boy I struggle trying to find a supportive way to parent. Perhaps writing it out would help me have more calm moments.

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  6. Chelsea says:

    I’ve journaled since I was very young. And I still have all of those journals! I can’t bring myself to throw them away. I know my kids may one day read them and be shocked at the extreme emotions I share on the page, but they’ll also have a fuller picture of who their mother is and what she stood for. Writing is my greatest escape. And since my children are young, writing for leisurely amounts of time isn’t a luxury I have. So, I have one journal where I write a short, 1-2 sentence entry every day. Then, I have a longer journal that I pick up from time to time and really allow myself to explore my feelings and be verbose. It seems odd that I’d keep more than one, but I need them for different reasons. My husband and I are also part of a marriage ministry with our church that invites us to have daily dialogues. Part of that includes writing a love letter to each other before the dialogue. So, I have a separate “love” journal for that, as well. I write because I’m able to say things I can’t always speak. It’s healing and restorative. Cheers to my fellow writers!

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    • It’s such a beautiful idea that your children will one day read your words. I used to keep journals when I was younger too but I certainly don’t have them anymore. Goodness knows what happened to them *shudders*.

      It absolutely makes sense to me that you’d keep different journals for different purposes. Thank you for sharing your journaling experiences.


  7. Jen says:

    I have journaled since I was about 15 years old. I found it was the only way to keep a handle on the chaos of my mind and my heart. I’ve uses a blank notebook, did the online LiveJournal for awhile.. now I go back and forth between paper and a wordpress blog, but not consistently enough. Like you, my son is now going to school everyday (half day) and I’m starting to get consistent time to myself. I’m trying to start a morning routine of devotional/journaling that will center me for each day but I’ve limited success right now with other life events trumping that. I need to not let that happen, don’t i? 😉

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    • I hear you…. this Soul Care planner really helped me focus my emotion yesterday but the intention to do that every morning gets trumped by everything else. The intention is there – and that will inevitably lead to more. The bullet journaling I get down almost daily. But I really want my journaling to be more!


    • Could you please send your email address to amandavanmulligen {at} gmail {dot} com?


  8. Lindsay says:

    I journal as much as I can, though admittedly at times I go through phases where I journal daily (sometimes a couple times a day) and then periods of time where I don’t journal at all.

    This post is timely, because just last night I was thinking about how I need to get back into journaling. Thank you for the gentle reminder!

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