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When it Comes to Our Children Forget Labels, Think Instruction Manuals

A mother of a highly sensitive child (HSC) who had just started primary school told of how her child was struggling in the classroom, resulting in tantrums and tears at home. The teacher was being less than understanding about her … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Have This Conversation: We’re All Parenting The Best We Can

That single mother who must work part time to make ends meet is also trying to be around as much as she can for her two children. Her parents help her out but the to and fro of daily life … Continue reading

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The Lunar Cycle and Highly Sensitive People

There are many who swear that the lunar cycle affects how they feel. They feel out of balance when there is a full moon. Studies are conflicting – some indicate a change in human behaviour around a full moon, but … Continue reading

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Time for a Little Soul Care: The Power of Journaling and a Giveaway

“Studies have clearly shown that the very act of recalling and expressing an event through journaling can improve immune and heart function, as well as general well-being.”  The Whole-Brain Child, Dr Daniel J. Siegel & Dr Tina Payne Bryson The … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Friendships

On any given day my 5-year-old runs out of school at lunchtime and bombards me with requests to go eat at a friend’s house, or have a friend round. If he had his way he’d spend his life bouncing from … Continue reading

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