Finding My Quiet Place in the World – Surrounded by Thousands of People

As I mentioned in a recent post I went to my first Dutch eredivisie football  match a couple of weeks ago and within minutes, despite my stress about going, I felt at home.

In a previous life, before I moved fifteen years ago to the Netherlands, I was a season ticket holder at Vicarage Road, home of Watford football club. I had been a regular on the terrace watching The Hornets since I was seven year olds. I’m not going to help you with the maths but I can assure you I spent many a year cheering on my local club.

At first I went with my mum, dad and brother but over the years the rest of my family moved away from Watford and I continued to occupy a seat in the Vicarage Road stadium. More often than not I went alone. In the same seat, in the same place on the terraces, every other week for a couple of years.

Sometimes you find the space and quiet to just be - in the most unexpected of places....And then I moved to the Netherlands. I have been to only a handful of Watford matches since I departed English shores and even fewer matches involving Dutch teams.

Until a few weeks ago when I took my two eldest sons to see our local team. It felt like coming home. It was a strange feeling.

There is something about the buzz of a football stadium. There is something about supporting a football team in unison with thousands of people around you. There is something about being totally immersed in the thrill of a football match, in the winning and losing. There is something about closing yourself off to the world around you. There is something about being in that moment, a moment where only the football matters. There is something wonderful about finding a quiet place to sit and lose yourself whilst being surrounded by thousands of other people.There is something amazing about finding silence in your mind whilst surrounded by an intense wall of noise. I re-discovered my place to just be.

I was surprised to realise how much I had missed being on the football terraces. I was even more surprised to realise why.

Finding My Quiet Place in the World - Surrounded by Thousands of People HSKOver to You: Where is your quiet place? Where can you lose yourself and forget about the world around you?


About Amanda van Mulligen

Mother, writer, author, blogger. Born British, Living Dutch. I have three Dutch sons and a Dutch husband and I blog about Turning Dutch and raising highly sensitive children.
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4 Responses to Finding My Quiet Place in the World – Surrounded by Thousands of People

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  2. My quiet place is everywhere where I can “dive in”. It doesn’t matter where I am – when I am fully in a certain activity or just in pure silence on my sofa – this is my quiet place where I gain strength.

    This could be:
    – the process of solving an issue at work
    – having a good time with my friend(s)
    – being in nature
    – sitting on top of a mountain and enjoying the nice view
    – attending a concert with my favourite music
    – …

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