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Parenting and Getting It Right The First Time

Hands up those of you who knew parenting would be so hard. Who knew parenthood meant being the expert on so many matters without actually having the experience to back up the expert status? Who the heck knew what being … Continue reading

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The Quiet Ones

A little Wednesday Wisdom for you – this struck a chord recently as I was reading Friends, Lovers, Chocolate (Isabel Dalhousie Novels) by Alexander McCall. I’ve been one of the quiet ones my whole life. But I am also one of the most … Continue reading

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6 Things Highly Sensitive Children (and Their Parents) Can Learn from the Movie Inside Out

We went last week as a family to see Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. The chatter about the movie has been immense so for the first time in almost forever I was excited about a film hitting our local cinema. We … Continue reading

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How to Practice Yoga with a Child – and Why You Should by Giselle Shardlow

For a highly sensitive child down time is important, even more important than for a non-highly sensitive child. For those of you reading who are highly sensitive parents you will probably also know how important and beneficial down time is … Continue reading

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Do Highly Sensitive Parents Have More Reliable Parenting Instincts?

I don’t have the answer to that question, but it is something I pondered whilst writing a debate article for Brain, Child Magazine on the topic. I argue that you should listen to your gut feelings when it comes to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Angel Violet’s Magic Wings

Angel Violet’s Magic Wings (UK link here) is written by Bonnie Snyder and illustrated by Alissa Shouts with highly sensitive children in mind. It is aimed at 4 – 8 year olds. I was asked to take a look at … Continue reading

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