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Be Yourself: Be Highly Sensitive

One of the most important things I have learnt in recent years is that allowing our highly sensitive children (HSC) to be who they are is vital. They should know that being themselves is what is important. Society often requires our … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Pixie’s New Home” for Children Moving House

In the Happy Sensitive Kid community someone recently asked if anyone could recommend a book to help children process the idea of moving home. And then Pixie’s New Home fell into my lap. Coincidence? I think not! 🙂 Pixie’s New Home (US link) … Continue reading

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Highly Sensitive Children and Information Processing

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20 Ways to Survive Parenting When You are a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive parents need down time. It’s not a luxury. It’s an essential, in the same way you need lunch and plenty to drink during the day. If you want to stay sane you need to realise this. It took … Continue reading

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Cloud Watching: Bucket Emptier Tip

Next time your child needs a little help emptying their bucket try cloud watching. For the ultimate calming exercise grab them by the hand and take them outside to watch the clouds. Look up. Ask them what they see floating … Continue reading

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Decision Making and A Highly Sensitive Child

You may have noticed that your highly sensitive child has real difficulty committing to a decision. Their capacity for deep thinking means they weigh up every decision carefully and consider all the consequences of each choice. Elaine Aron sums it … Continue reading

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10 Things the Parent of a Highly Sensitive Child Doesn’t Need to Hear

Part and parcel of being a parent means hearing a lot of unsolicited advice. As the parent of a highly sensitive child you often hear things that hit the wrong nerve or make you feel like smacking your head against a brick … Continue reading

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