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A One-Size-Fits-All Education System Doesn’t Fit a Highly Sensitive Child 

As parents of highly sensitive children we’re often told that our children need to adapt. They need to toughen up. They need to function successfully in a busy environment. We’re told exceptions can’t be made just because our child can’t … Continue reading

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Elaine Aron and The Highly Sensitive Books

When the words highly sensitive were first uttered to me I hit the internet. I searched and googled as if my life depended on it. The number one search result was Elaine Aron and her book The Highly Sensitive Person. … Continue reading

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Gadanke It’s My Birthday Journal Giveaway

My middle son turns five this month so birthday celebrations are on my mind. When to celebrate with family. What to do about a birthday cake. What gift to choose for a five year old that really doesn’t need a … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Help Your Child Empty Their Bucket

Following my article on BonBon Break about giving my highly sensitive children a bucket to help them with their emotions I was asked about how to help them empty those buckets. Helping a child to empty their bucket involves creating … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Anna and her Rainbow Colored Yoga Mats”

I‘m constantly on the look out for great tools that help my sons relax. I welcome activities or resources with open arms that allow them time to calm their minds and bodies – and empty their buckets. Yoga books are a perfect example … Continue reading

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