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BonBon Break: Helping My Highly Sensitive Children Carry Their Emotions

BonBon Break, the online magazine just for mothers like us, has focused on the theme of filling your bucket this month. “Buckets?” I hear you cry, “but you love buckets Amanda!” Indeed I do, and when I saw the call … Continue reading

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8 Things My Highly Sensitive Son Has Taught Me

More importantly I started accepting me for who I am instead of thinking I need to change to fit in with things that have never felt comfortable to me – a society geared towards extroverts. It’s an important lesson to carry with me. Here are eight more things I have learnt from my incredible little HSC. Continue reading

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change Schools?

This question has been on my mind a lot since writing my Dear Teacher post, which got a lot of attention, including an interview with the LiHSK here in the Netherlands and a translated version published in their latest magazine. … Continue reading

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Finger Knitting to Calm a HSC

We are constantly looking for ways to get my HSC’s ‘bucket’ empty and during the last school holidays we discovered that finger knitting hits the spot. For some reason I decided to try my hand at knitting (with needles) a … Continue reading

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When and How to Take a Highly Sensitive Child Out of Their Comfort Zone

There are a number of characteristics of highly sensitive people that can make them a little more reluctant to step out of their comfort zone. And that goes for children too – probably even more so. So our HSCs often … Continue reading

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Dutch Education English Style: An Interview for the LiHSK (aka I’m in a Magazine!)

I was approached towards the end of last year by Henk-Jan van der Veen from the LiHSK (Landelijk informatiepunt Hoog Sensitieve Kinderen – which is the Dutch National Information Point Highly Sensitive Children). Henk-Jan wanted to interview me after reading a … Continue reading

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