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Fill a Page to Empty a HSC Mind

Last week I wrote about the Relax Kids book and CD which helps calm my HSC’s mind at bedtime. This week I want to share another tool which we have used to help close down in the evening, put the … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, Highly Sensitive is Not on My Checklist

Society creates round holes for children to fit in. We see it in schools. There are expectations of what a child of a certain age should be able to do: sit still in a classroom environment and keep quiet, listen … Continue reading

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Relax Kids Book and CD Review: Meditations for Children

Highly sensitive children (HSC) often have difficulty switching off their active minds and getting some help to create calm at bedtime is a wonderful idea. Continue reading

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My Orchid Children

I have just finished reading Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. In her book she talks about ‘the orchid hypothesis’ (P111), a theory by David Dobbs that indicates just how important environment … Continue reading

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Birthday Parties for Highly Sensitive Children

One of the things I fret and stress about annually is my eldest son’s birthday. Or more accurately, how far to go with celebrations – and who to celebrate with. It stems from a bad experience the day he turned … Continue reading

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The Importance of a School’s Personality

I once read an article about schooling that hit a chord with me. Well, actually it went right for my jugular. It gave advice about finding the right school for your child. Although it was specifically written to help expat families … Continue reading

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A Bucket of Bubbles to Calm a HSC

At one point we were busy with a sensory integration (SI) therapist to learn some tools that would help bring some calm to a busy little mind and body. One of the things that stuck as a calming tool is … Continue reading

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