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We’re the Bucket Family

A few years ago my family started using the bucket analogy. I’m not sure where it came from anymore, but I do know that these days we talk about buckets every day. Every single day. Since discovering that highly sensitive … Continue reading

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42 Advent Activity Ideas: Connecting and Creating Precious Memories and Traditions

I recently wrote a post with 5 tips to help reduce the overload for highly sensitive children during the festive season. I had a great response to the advent idea so I’m following it up with some ideas you can … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness for Different: Book Review and Giveaway

There aren’t many books written with highly sensitive children (HSC) in mind, so when Thank Goodness for Different by Leila Boukarim landed on my lap I was very keen to take a peek, and more importantly,  to share it with my … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Reduce the Festive Period Stress for a Highly Sensitive Child

This time of year has a tendency to quickly become hellish in our house. It’s not because of the dark evenings closing in, nor because the days are getting colder, though neither helps. It’s because of the festive season hurtling … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Highly Sensitive Mother: Empty Your Bucket

Leila of Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog a few months back and the post I wrote is one I think of often. It’s a post that reminds me to take my … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Understand What ‘Highly Sensitive’ Means

Highly sensitive people process sensory information in a different way to the rest of the population. It means our nervous system is more sensitive to all the noise, busyness, conflict and visual stimuli of the world around us. Overstimulation happens more quickly than … Continue reading

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Understanding a Highly Sensitive Child

I‘m raising three highly sensitive children. To do this well I need support from those around me. Which means others need to understand what highly sensitive is. As a parent I would like to teach my children to be ‘authentic’, to be true … Continue reading

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